The International Scientific Conference

Date and place: 2-3 of June 2022 (Thursday-Friday) - APS ul. Szczęśliwicka 40, 02-353 Warszawa, Poland

Link to transmission 2nd June 2022: International Conference Discourses of Childhood and Social Education - YouTube

Link to transmission 3nd June 2022: International Conference Discourses of Childhood and Social Education 3rd of June 2022 - YouTube

The conference falls on the 100-year anniversary of our university, which is the eldest pedagogical unit in Poland. The celebrations take place under the patronage of UNICEF. We also celebrate 2022 as a year of our patron, Maria Grzegorzewska, granted by the Polish Parliament. Maria Grzegorzewska had a mission reflected in the values represented at our university. APS stands for Access, Participation and Solidarity. The mission is represented by the conference organizers, the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair in Social Pedagogy, Institute of Education, The Young Researchers Committee at the Polish Educational Research Association and the Department of Didactics and Teacher Education, University of Warsaw.

In this spirit our international and local partners and Maria Grzegorzewska University invite contributors from around the world to join our 2-day international conference in Warsaw, tited: Discourses of childhood and social education and aimed at representatives of social sciences, in particular social pedagogy, social education, sociology of language and sociology of education.

The way we perceive the world, the needs of the child and the social positioning of children, depends heavily on social imaginarium of children’s rights. This imaginarium is often influenced by discourses that surround it. Social pedagogy/social education plays a role in how the social imaginarium is formed, critically assessed, deconstructed, reconstructed and implemented in social practices. Social educators/ social pedagogues are often amongst the changemakers, that promote inclusive practices, based on human rights and therefore also children’s rights agenda.

We are also interested in what language is used in political discourse, in legal and policy documents, in related media discourses. How narratives form social imaginarium around children’s rights, child participation, the idea of childhood, and last but not least how these may aid or negate social inclusion of children and youths in the socio-environmental contexts.

Topics may cover but are not limited to:

Discourses of childhood
Discourses for or against children’s rights
Language as a medium forming people’s opinions and attitudes
Linguistic aspects in legal, political, policy documents
Narratives around social inclusion/exclusion – e.g. the use of exclusionary language
Linguistic stigmatization
Changing the world by changing the ways we describe reality
The issues of translation of key concepts
Issues of social pedagogy/social education for social inclusion
Inclusive education
Role of education in combating exclusion
Discourses on child labour
Addressing childhood through different paradigms
Language and the world construction and reconstruction
Linguistic diversity towards Identity Creation/Construction
Ideological engaged discourses as an impact of children’s oppression/exclusion

During the event we will hold the Academy of Young Researchers, which is part of the 15th UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair International Summer School 2022

If you are interested in contributing a full text publication, there are several opportunities arising, with the main ones being:

1. Journal article in Language, Discourse & Society - thematic issue Discourses of childhood and children’s rights in the context of social inclusion, due in June 2022*, edited by Ewa Dabrowa and Cecilia Zsogon. (Submissions of full texts by 28th Feb 2022). Editors can be reached here: edab@aps.edu.pl; cecilia.zsogon@gmail.com

2. Chapter in a book titled Social pedagogy and children's rights discourses, published in the UNESCO Janusz Korczak Chair book series, due in November 2022**, edited by Anna Odrowaz-Coates, Joanna Madalinska-Michalak. (Submissions of full texts by 20th June 2022).

The condition of participation is transfer the conference fee in the amount of: 90 EUR or 50 EUR depending on the participation type* until May 20th, 2022, on account:
BIC:ALBPPLPW, IBAN: PL61 2490 0005 0000 4530 3456 2606
title: Conference: DISCOURSES OF CHILDHOOD AND SOCIAL EDUCATION + names, surname, email address

*Conference fees:
400 PLN or 90 euro - active participation in situ
200 PLN or 50 euro - active participation online or if you are entitled to reduced fee (summer school participants)

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