Education and the challenges of the multicultural world

an interdisciplinary perspective

International Scientific Conference

Date i place: January 21-22, 2021 (Thursday - Friday) - APS ul. Szczęśliwicka 40, 02-353 Warsaw, Poland WATCH OUR LIVE TRANSMISSION ONLINE

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The contemporary world is full of various, surprising occurrences arising in of dynamic changes and collisions of phenomena, often contradictory in their nature. Human, embedded in a world of various axiological systems and discourses, becomes a participant in the game of reason and belief that impedes dialogue and may be a source of conflicts. In this perspective, the key question is about the role of education in preparing people for living in a multicultural world, marked by both opportunities and challenges. The answer requires a wider view, which is possible by adopting an interdisciplinary perspective.

The main goal of the conference is to create safe space for an extensive debate about education in the context of opportunities and challenges in the multicultural world. As part of the conference the following fields of discussion are proposed:

Trends in educational changes and the needs of the multicultural world
Children's rights / human rights in a culturally diverse environment
The need for changes in law in educational sphere
The specificity of intercultural research in Education
Socio-cultural context of education
Paradigms of thinking about education in a multicultural world
Psychological aspects of life and education in multicultural world
Implementation of educational policy in a multicultural world
Multicultural education and achieving the Goals for Sustainable Development
The school environment and the needs of the multicultural world
Pre-school and early school education in a multicultural environment
Education towards radical ideas
The development of multi-cultural competencies
The development of socio-cultural and scientific capital across cultures
Gender in multicultural society
Multicultural Life-long learning and professional development
The use of technology in multicultural education

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