The value of man is the most valuable asset of the world, its gravity outweighs everything in the life of individuals and societies.

Maria Grzegorzewska (2002), Listy do Młodego Nauczyciela. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo APS, s. 20

Prof. Maria Grzegorzewska:
Each PERSON has an archimedean point, thanks to which one can discover the power in man and save the fullness of his humanity. The Institute of Special Education is constantly looking for an archimedean point in the development and life of people with disabilities in research, didactics and cooperation with the environment – a phenomenon thanks to which a person can realize himself as a PERSON

… the whole social system should be built and all social life should be organized in such a way that the most important element of education and culture, which is the school, is the living and eternally improving content of his actions, creativity and development..

Maria Grzegorzewska (2002), Listy do Młodego Nauczyciela. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo APS, s. 40
Director of the Institute of Special Education
Prof., dr hab., Joanna Głodkowska

Structure of the Institute of Special Education


  • conducts scientific research- – the achievements valuable for special pedagogy
  • realizes scientific projects financed by National Research and Development Centre and National Science Centre
  • publisher – monographies, articles in Polish and foreign scientific magazines Szkoła Specjalna, Man – Disability – Society
  • edits scientific magazines of high ranking in numerous international basis
  • conducts Forum of Special Pedagogy the web portal of documentation and inspiration for achievements of special pedagogy Special Education Forum
  • initiated and introduced into professional classification the new profession- – special pedagogue
  • realizes the rich variety of specializations- classic and unique ones, as well as postgraduate studies
  • acts for the environment- works out and realizes the union projects whose beneficiary are people requiring professional support as well as specialists