Classroom management as technology for transforming the educational environment

Classroom management is a well-known technology for transforming the educational environment. It was proved that the implementation of classroom management increases the motivation of students to study, it also helps to form a special atmosphere in the classroom, friendship between students and mutual support. The article gives the systematization of classroom management technology resources, which improve the development of emotional intelligence in students with special needs. This is primarily about such traits as social responsibility, flexibility, stress tolerance, impulsivity control. The research was conducted in the classes with classroom management technologies implemented. The results show how the personal and socially oriented components of classroom management influence on the level of emotional intelligence of children with special needs.

Prof. Tetiana Tetiana Skrypnyk

Doctor of psychological sciences, professor of the Department of Special Psychology, Special and Inclusivе Education, Institute of Human Sciences of the Boris Grinchenko University of Kyiv, Chairman of the Board of the PO "System Aid for Children with Autism" Little Prince "