Dissemination of inclusive education and its consequences

The lecture will attempt to assess the intended and unintended consequences of promoting the integration of education and against this background, outline the desired transformation of the idea of a common servant completing education in today's pluralistic world.

Prof. Grażyna Dryżałowska

In scientific activity, he focuses on the problems of development and education of disabled people, especially on the diagnosis of the rehabilitation process, integration education, mechanisms of life adaptation and fulfillment of life tasks by people with disabilities, social exclusion of disabled people in the family, educational, professional environment, local community. A member of the Research Team appointed at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences to implement the problem: A disabled man in a local environment. Participant in the research: Analysis of the functioning of the integration education system in Poland at the level of primary schools. Since 1995, he has been one of the founding members of the Polish Foundation for Assistance to Deaf Children "Echo", also the Head of the Support Center appointed by the Foundation.He actively participates in the activities of the Forum of Initiatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Team of Non-Governmental Organizations operating at the Office of the Ombudsman for Children.