Visual education of blind children

Visual impairment and persons with blindness and low vision exist in an eyecare reality and the fact of vision disability does not reduce the needs related to their knowledge of visual forms of representation and the use of visual concepts in communication and everyday functioning, or participation in cultural education in the field of visual arts or in the social discourse on their topic. The aim of the paper is to present the conditions, forms, methods and tools of visual education (visual literacy) of blind children. Contemporary forms and ways of sharing visual arts and strategies for adapting didactic materials (textbooks) focused on working with the image will be presented. A review of the test results regarding this problem field will also be made.

doktor Emilia Śmiechowska-Petrovskij

Emilia Śmiechowska-Petrovskij – PhD in social sciences (pedagogy), special education teacher (persons with blindness and visual impairments teacher) and Polish philologist, assistant professor at the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. A longtime expert of the Education Development Center for the verification of textbooks and supplementary books in Braille and large print, an appraiser from the Ministry of National Education for textbooks for children with special educational needs and an expert of the Office of Electronic Communications in the field of electronic educational materials. Research interests include reading initiation and Braille education of blind children; technologies supporting reading and writing; making cultural goods more accessible to people with visual impairment, intersemiotic translation of visual arts; mainstream and assistive technologies in education and rehabilitation of visually impaired people; literature and books for children, discourses on disability in cultural texts; support for culturally different students using the perspective and experiences of special pedagogy. Author of over 40 scientific and popular scientific publications in the field of education and rehabilitation of blind and visually impairment people, including 3 author books and 5 books edited by, initiator and editor of the series of monographs "Children with difficulties ...".