The functioning of a student with hearing disabilities in the integration class at a rural school. Case study

Every human being is an individual unit that has a right to comprehensive education at school which should provide conditions for optimal development. This is where students spend majority of their time, therefore actions undertaken here shouldn't be solely didactic, but should also concern pedagogic actions including aquirement of social competence and effective communication skills. This process might be disrupted among children with hearing impairment.The objective of my research was functioning of a child with hearing impairment in an integrative class. I'm a deaf education teacher with many years of experience as I have worked as a teacher coorganizing special education in the integrative class as well as in a psychological-pedagogical councelling centre. While working in integrative classes, I decided to examine how children with hearing impairment function among capable students and which factors influence the quality of their education and functioning in peer groups at rural school. Thus, I carried out the research where the research method was case study. While working with two hearing-imparied girls in the integrative class I decided to check which factors dermine their functioning in such class. Then, I analyzed source literature and compared it to the outcome of my research. The aim of the research was to propose the most effective pedagogical habits for working with a hearing-imparied child while taking under consideration factors which determine the quality of the child's functioning at school.

Magister Dorota Płaczek

Dorota Płaczek Silesian Univeristy graduate holding a master degree in Special Needs Eduaction. Graduated from University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, registry in Wodzislaw Slaski, with a bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Pedagogy with Motor Rehabilitation. Moreover, she completed postgraduate studies in Deaf Education, Education of the Blind, Education and Therapy of Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Processing as well as Management of Education. She runs her own non-public psychological-pedagogical counselling centre 'Bursztynek'. She has worked with disabled children on the level of nursery school, primary school, high school and in psychological-pedagogical counselling centre.