Student with autism spectrum disorder in the integration class.

The student with austim spectrum disorder has not only social problems, but also sensory ones, which are often not taken into account in didactic and educational work by teachers who mainly rely on behavioral concepts. By ignoring sensory processing disorders, the school becomes an exceptionally unfriendly place for them, which does not create an environment for optimal development. Based on my experience as a teacher in integration classes and as a sensory integration therapist, observations and research, the basic issues will be presented in the field of student's functioning with the autism spectrum disorder in the integration classes from the perspective of sensory problems. There are so many school situations in which students with autism spectrum disorder have to face a sensory problems. The research tool is a sensory function questionnaire created by the author, thanks to which two students with the autism spectrum have been characterized very precisely by their sensory profiles. Moreover, a description of their social functioning has been prepared. The research was deepened by the analysis of school documents regarding the functioning of these students. In order to broaden the issue, the literature containing the desctiptions of sensory disorders of students with the autism spectrum is also analyzed. The aim of the research is to analyze the functioning of children with autism in integration classes from the point of view of sensory disorders and to implement effective solutions that teachers could use in their didactic and educational work.

magister Agnieszka Stefanow

Agnieszka Stefanow, PhD student at the University of Silesia in Katowice. A pedagogue with a master's degree from the University of Silesia in the field of resocialization and social prevention. She completed post-graduate studies in the field of oligophrenopedagogy, deef education , education of the blind, therapy and rehabilitation of people with autism spectrum, early childhood and pre-school education, sensory integration and mathematics. She worked with special needs children at the level of kindergarten, primary school and psychological and pedagogical counseling centre.