Integrative / inclusive education in the perspective of the change model


Prof.dr hab. Joanna Głodkowska

Prof., PhD. For the last year she has been the director of The Institute of Special Pedagogy and the head of the Department of Special Pedagogy Basis at APS. Since 2005 she has been an editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine “Human-Disability-Society” She is also the author of many books about special pedagogy, dealing with problems of educational sensitivity in diagnosis and therapy, as well as about constructing the mental representation of the world by children with minor intellectual impairment. In her publications she also discusses multi-context recognition of disability phenomenon, among the others; The Rehabilitation Space in the Environment of Intellectually Impaired People-conceptual approach(2003), Being the Life Author and the Disability-renewing reading the idea of normalization (2014), Considering Subjectivity and Disability- at the sources of modern approach and in modern interdisciplinary perspective (2014); Subjectivity and experiencing the Dependence by Impaired People-normalization as a tool of subjective rehabilitation (2014); To be a Subject and to become the author of one’s own life- the paradigm of supporting impaired people to prepare them to build their identity (2014); Being the author of one’s own life while being impaired- concept in the perspective of well-being, subjectivity, optimal functioning and support (2015).