Parental attitudes towards children with intellectual disabilities in Poland and Ukraine

The research concerns a system of values of the specific group of youth, those with disabilities, as they are particularly sensitive and easily influenced, but they do not have their own system of values. On the knowledge of their preferences depends success of their education. Respected values are key factors of child integration. In my work I present a unique youth, youth with development disorders, because it is particularly sensitive to changes in the world, is open and is easily influenced. She herself does not permanently shaped the value system. These features meant that this group seemed to be very interesting, which prompted me to research its value systems and shaping its views axiological. Among the many variables modifying the system and hierarchy of values you can replace the process of socialization and upbringing, ideologies, social, environmental, universal cultural patterns and local environmental influences. But the most crucial for the individual are the values that shape its personality and mentality. Please note that the specificity of the objects prized by young people focused on several important circles overlapping each other: family, school, peers, the environment, national and universal cultural values. Particularly important is the question of value for young people who every day need the help of others. I presented my research on the preference of adolescents with development disorders should be stated that undertook the difficult task, but extremely important from the point of view of educating the young generation. From knowledge of the preferences of adolescents it depends on the didactic and educational work in school and beyond, moreover it allows to choose the appropriate type of methods that increase the chance of educational. Examination of the value of youth is a complex procedure because it involves personality. However, such studies are so important for the theory and practice of teaching. They allow - diagnosis values recognized by youth. The results of these studies should inspire you to search for new methods of educational work. About the functioning of human dysfunction determines the validity of the value. The value appreciated highly influences behavior so that it becomes significant when the integration category.