Supporting students with special educational needs by using art therapy in the education system - a review of international surveys

The use of art therapy or its elements in the process of education and upbringing is a very current topic. Along with other expressive therapies, art therapy over the last decades has become a part of education and support of the development of children and youth with special educational needs. The growing number of studies, research, and methodical literature indicates the interest in this topic, among both researchers and practitioners. Scientific research on art therapy addresses various areas related to the art-therapy effect used in the education of children and adolescents. The art therapy process is analyzed in terms of the implementation of art-therapy programs, problems and challenges that arise during the course of classes, the effectiveness of interactions as well as the improvement of students' functioning. The factors that support the art-therapy process such as the materials used during classes, the place where the classes are carried out and the person conducting the classes are taken into consideration. The subject matter is an attempt to compare scientific reports from the last 30 years and present views on art therapy research, trends in the way the research is conducted, saturation within the topics covered, selection of samples, methods, techniques and research tools and the role of the researcher. The presentation also includes the results of research confirming the legitimacy of further exploration of the subject of art therapy as an effective method in modern education.

mgr Monika Gałkowska

Master of Special Education, Master of Arts, special educator, art therapist, assistant, Institute of Special Education at The Maria Grzegorzewska University