Equal access to education for students with disabilities in Russia: concept, problems, variety of solutions

The beginning of the 21st century is the period of updating and design of the modern education system in Russia. A new regulatory and legal framework has been created for the functioning of a unified education system (law on education, federal state educational standards and exemplary educational programs), which ensures equal access to education in different settings at all levels of education (preschool, primary, basic secondary) for every child with disabilities, taking into account his/her capabilities and educational needs. In the presentation, the authors will present conceptual foundations and problems related to the educational integration of students with disabilities in Russia.

Dr hab. / Ph. D. Alicja Zarin

She has been the Dean of the Pedagogical Faculty for many years; Professor at the Department of Education of People with Intellectual Disability. She is interested in the diagnosis and support of children with intellectual disabilities in pre-school and early-school age.