Children of deaf parents in integration schools

Deaf parents are born both deaf and hearing children. Statistics show that only 10% of deaf parents' children inherit the lack of hearing. These are children who grow up without any difficulties in communicating with their own parents and use Polish sign language. However, they face obstacles in the acquisition of Polish in speech and writing. On the one hand, the hearing defect itself is a limitation here, on the other hand the child can not take advantage of the support / pattern of deaf parents. Often children using hearing aids are directed to integrative education by deaf parents. It also happens that children without auditory benefits from hearing aids end up in integration classes. Despite the lack of judgments about the degree of disability, hearing children the deaf parents are enrolled in integration classes. Parents expect support both for the cultural integration of their hearing children and support for themselves as parents with disabilities. The article is a review of the difficulties experienced by hearing children and deaf children of deaf parents in inclusive education. The perspective of teachers working with children of deaf parents will also be discussed.