Sociological and psychological theories of merging towards the education of students with disabilities in public schools

The organization of an inclusive educational model seems to be a favorable solution for all education entities. It can also be a source of many challenges, the presence of which can not come as a surprise to participants of joint education - for teachers, educational authorities, students and their parents. For this reason, the present presentation shows the achievements of sociology and social psychology concerning the surfaces and mechanisms of social integration. It is about demonstrating the complexity and conditionality of integration, so as not to stop at the contentment of the location integration itself, which is relatively simple, but which does not have to be accompanied by the formation of ties and relationships of mutual respect and helpfulness.

dr hab. Prof UPH Hanna Żuraw

Dr hab. Hanna Żuraw, prof. UPH in Siedlce Research and didactic employee of the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce, cooperation with the Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw, with the Humanities Academy in Pułtusk, with PERON, social welfare centers, supervisor of over a thousand diploma theses. Scientific interests: Social participation of people with disabilities (their education, employment, leisure, family life, participation in culture), culture towards disability, orphanage and disability, media images of social problems.