Dilemmas of inclusive education. 30 years of Social Integration Preschool experience

Integration in Poland appeared in 1990 as a reaction of specialists and parents to the unmet educational needs of disabled children in our country. Solutions observed in other countries could be transferred to us and included in our education system thanks to the openness of the ministry of education, local governments, kindergartens, schools. Kindergartens and integration schools were established in Poland thanks to the spontaneous cooperation of many specialist circles, teachers, parents and overtook legal provisions. Over the past 30 years, inclusive and then inclusive education has needed and need many modifications to best meet the development and educational needs of its pupils. In this speech I will present the most important challenges that appeared before preschool education in relation to the inclusion of children with special educational needs.

mgr Anna Florek

Psychologist, certified teacher, since 1990 head of the Social Integration Kindergarten of the TIME OF CHILDREN Foundation. Initiator and organizer of this kindergarten. Author of the educational program of kindergarten "Child in a group". The author of the model of including autistic children in peer groups - individualized therapy programs and individual support with the gradual inclusion of the child into the group and making him independent. Founder and president of the TIME OF CHILDREN Foundation. Author of numerous publications on integration and inclusive education, pre-school education and cooperation with parents. She works with local government educational institutions; universities and non-governmental organizations active in the field of education and joint upbringing and teaching of fit and disabled children.