Possibilities of using peer tutoring in inclusive education of students with disabilities

The aim of the lecture is to justify the thesis that peer tutoring should be used in inclusive education, because it benefits both disabled and fit students. The author will analyze the following issues one by one: / 1 / influence of interaction with peers on cognitive, social and emotional development of the child, / 2 / theoretical foundations of peer tutoring, / 3 / types of teaching strategies in peer relations and / 4 / results of tests confirming the effectiveness of peer tutoring inclusive education of students with disabilities.  

Prof. Andrzej Twardowski

Andrzej Twardowski Phd., head of the Department of Child Psychopathology at the Faculty of Educational Studies of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. His research interests include: early support of development of children with disabilities, functioning of families bringing up children with disabilities and social integration of people with disabilities. So far he has published two monographs, eight books edited and 90 scientific articles in magazines and collective works