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Mental health promotion

from theory to practice

1st International Scientific and Training Conference on Methods of Psychological Help

Warsaw, November 7-8, 2019

Mental health promotion is one of several psychological help methods, alongside counseling, crisis intervention and psychotherapy. It has been increasingly recommended as an important form of prevention of mental disorder and an indispensable form of mental health empowerment

The aim of the first conference, which is to take place in 2019, is to present the ways mental health can be promoted in different contexts, including among others:

  1. in educational settings - in children, adolescents and students;
  2. in the workplace;
  3. in people who have experienced a mental health crisis and their families;
  4. in patients with chronic somatic conditions;
  5. in social exclusion risk groups, among others sexual minorities, migrants, the elderly.

Mental health promotion has a long history in many countries in Europe (among others Norway, Finland) and the world (Australia, Canada). There is still a shortage of system solutions in the field of effective mental health promotion program implementation, execution policy and effectiveness evaluation in Poland. Implementation and execution of mental health promotion programs is recommended by a number of national and European documents. Therefore, presentation of both Polish and foreign best practice and its results is important, interesting and instructive.

We hope the conference will offer an opportunity for practitioners and researchers to meet and share their experiences as well as a chance to initiate cooperation and come up with joint actions in different environments.

Participation cost is 300 PLN.

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