International Scientific Conference

Date i place: September 16 - 17, 2021 - APS, 40 Szczęśliwicka St, 02-353 Warsaw, Poland

Giftedness and creativity continue to be the subject of much interest among theoretical investigators, researchers and practitioners. The conference is a great place to share experiences and achievements, to create space for discussion among academics from across a variety of disciplines. The conference “Giftedness and creativity – new perspectives for research and development”, which is organised by the Methodology and Creative Pedagogies Institute at the Maria Grzegorzewska University, will take place on 16-17 September 2021, both on the University campus and on a virtual platform. The conference is an interdisciplinary forum. We invite theorists and practitioners within the fields of psychology, pedagogy, sociology and philosophy. We also welcome representatives of associations, local governments and institutions whose aim is to promote teaching and who find the topic of giftedness important. Sessions set to be included in the conference programme: Plenary sessions, Topic sessions, Poster sessions. It is possible to attend the conference without submitting a presentation (passive attendance). To take part in the conference, you must register and accept the terms and conditions.

The session talks will centre around the following topics:

Creativity as an individual’s act that is realised and developed in the home, school, and higher education setting; the analysis will address areas and practices that foster creative activity of people in different age groups
Aptitudes of children, pupils, and adults as investigated in quantitative studies but also from the biographical perspective that are shaped by family, school, peers, but also by local and virtual environments; psychosocial conditions in the recognition and promotion of giftedness
Traditional and modern theories and models of giftedness and creativity and their practical manifestations
Methodological aspects of research on giftedness and creativity
Other new and unique research avenues proposed by the speakers

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